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Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5pm

Friday 8.30am-4pm


Consultation Hours:

(By Appointment)

Monday to Thursday


Friday 8am -4pm






























Seeing the doctor requires making an appointment. A standard appointment is up to 15 minutes. Please ring or visit the surgery within OFFICE hours to make an appointment.

However, if you anticipate that your consultation will be longer than usual because you have more than one issue to discuss with your doctor, please let the receptionist know at time of making the appointment.

Longer consultations are also generally required for Work or Insurance Medicals, Health Assessments and Annual Health Reviews, Counselling, and for Surgical Procedures. Please inform the staff to ensure that the correct amount of time can be allocated for your consultation with the doctor.

Documentation and Forms required to be completed by your doctor generally also necessitate a longer time. Please do not assume you can 'drop off the forms' as completion will not happen. It is preferable to make a correctly allocated appointment time so that these forms can be completed correctly by both you and the doctor together.

New Patients:

We do welcome new patients. If you are attending the practice for the first time, you will need to make a longer appointment so that the doctor can get to know more about you. Before the doctor sees you personally, we do need to register your details, so it is best if you arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete a 'Patient Information Sheet'.


Our surgery is a family based practice and we welcome all members of your family to attend.

However, if more than one member needs to see the doctor, please make an appointment for each member. Do not presuppose that the doctor will 'see them also' as this is not possible to do properly in a standard 15 minute allocation. For the best health care for you and your family, it is important to request enough time so that each family member's health needs may be met.

At all times, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.



Our appointments are classified and invoiced as follows:


Waiting Times:

All effort is made by the staff to maintain appointments do run on time. However, unforseen happenings, circumstances and conditions do occur and appointments cannot always be kept to time.

Emergencies do take priority and if this occurs, rescheduling of your appointment as soon as possible will be organised.

As courtesy to other patients and to ensure smooth operation of our surgery, we respectfully request that patients be on time for their appointments, as this can delay others after you. Longer periods of waiting may also occur when other patients do not book the necessary time for their health needs and this can then cause a delay to other appointments. Please try to book the correct consultation time needed.

Cancelling and Rescheduling :

If you are unable to make your appointment, please call to let us know in advance as someone else could be offered the appointment. We can definitely arrange another appointment time for you.

We look forward to seeing you at our practice.